The "Users" page on the Skoolbag admin console contains a list of user (parent) information associated with a school. A school administrator is able to upload users individually by navigating to the "Users" page and following the instructions as detailed in the How to Add a User or Users article.

Admins can also export user lists in bulk from the "Users" page, instead of one by one.

How it works

Navigate to the "Users" page on the admin console.

Select the list of users that you would like to export. The names will be exported as a CSV file.

Click "Export" to create a CSV file with the selected names, which will be downloaded to your computer.

A floating pop-up message will appear on the bottom right of the admin console. This is an indication that the file is preparing to download.

Tip: you can download multiple user lists concurrently. Also, while the downloads are preparing, you can navigate to other pages within the admin console and execute other tasks.

*Important!* If you try to refresh your browser or navigate away from the admin console using your browser buttons, the in-progress downloads will be lost.

A green tick mark will be displayed in the pop-up message to indicate the file preparation is complete.

The file will then automatically start downloading soon after.

Tip: Based on the browser settings, some browsers will request to confirm the download location, and other browsers will automatically download the file into the default download location.

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