The "Users" page on the Skoolbag admin console contains a list of user (parent) information associated with a school. Learn how to select multiple users across different pages within the "Users" section.

How it works

Navigate to the "Users" page on your SkoolBag console.

You can then check the "Select all" box next to the "Name" column header.

This will select all the records on the current page. A banner will display at the top of the page to indicate the number of records you have selected.

You can go ahead and click "Select all users matching the filter" (the underlined text in the banner at the top of the page) to select all the users across all pages, not just on the page you can see in front of you. If you have applied a search or a filter already, then clicking the "Select all users matching the filter" link will select all users based on the criteria in place.

By clicking "Clear selection" you can un-select the record selection.

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