We've added some new features this month to improve your experience. We've also resolved a number of bugs both in the admin console as well as the mobile app.

  • Allow email replies for posts

  • Forms re-ordering

Allow email replies for posts

SkoolBag posts are a wonderful way to communicate with parents. Once a post is made live, parents are notified by email and/or by push notifications to their devices (based on the admin's settings when creating the post). Until this release, posts were limited to a one-way communication from the school to the parent or carer.

Now we have introduced the capability for the school admins to enable posts to accept parents' feedback via email, opening up the channel for two-way communication.

How to allow for email responses to posts

To allow email responses to posts, admins can begin by creating the content for the post. They can then tick the "Allow replies" check box if they want to accept emails from the parents.

The admin can then select an existing user email address to which the replies will be directed. By default, it will be pre-filled with the logged-in user's email address. This can be easily changed.

When "Publish" is clicked in the next popup, the admin should select "Email" as a notifying option to enable email notification. This is so users can reply directly from their email client.

Parents will see the banner (as shown below) at the bottom of their email notification when the admin has set the post to accept replies. Users can simply click reply in their email window and send the replies.

When the post does not accept replies to emails, that will be notified in the bottom of the email.

Additionally, users have the ability to reply to posts via school webview as well. A "Reply via mail" option will only be available for posts that accept replies.

Once the "Reply via mail" is clicked, the user will be directed to their default email client on their device. They can then send their reply email.

Note: We are already in the process of building a post reply option in the mobile app too.

Forms re-ordering

Forms are a great tool to gather information from parents.

Previously, forms created by schools were displayed both in mobile app and webview in a random order.

Now, school admins can organise the forms in mobile app and webview based on their preferred order.

How to re-order forms

Navigate to "App layout" tab

Then, select "Forms"

Once "Forms" is clicked, the admin will be taken to the "Forms layout" page. Then the admin can drag and drop the forms to set them in their preferred order.

When the form order is set, the admin can click "Save" to save the changes. The changes will be reflected in both the mobile app and on webview.

Note : When a new form is created or a hidden form is converted to live, they will be automatically listed at the bottom of the forms list.

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