We've added some new features this month to improve your experience. We've also resolved a number of bugs both in the admin console as well as the mobile app.

Select all selects records on the current page only

The Select all checkbox is available on pages where you are able to select one or more records to perform bulk actions. This includes pages such as the post listing, the user list and form submissions.

The behaviour of this check-box has been updated to ensure it is clear what action will be performed and on what data.

Before this update, ticking the Select all checkbox would select all records that are visible on the page AND all records on subsequent pages that may not be visible on the screen. This led to occasions where actions such as deleting or archiving data were applied to more records than some users expected.

After this update, ticking the Select all checkbox will select ONLY the records that are visible on the screen, to ensure it is clear which records you will be performing your action on.

In a future release, we will be adding a feature that will provide you with the choice to additionally select ALL records, even those not visible.

Webview - filter and search posts

SkoolBag webview is a browser-based interface that parents can use to access Skoolbag communications, in addition to the SkoolBag mobile app.

A search and filter function has been added to this view to help parents easily find individual posts.

Click the Search button to show the search and filter options.

Type in your search keyword and hit Enter or select a group to filter posts for the selected group.

Webview - Forms

SkoolBag forms are now available in the school's webview, in addition to the mobile app.

Parents who are not able to access the SkoolBag app on certain devices can now complete and submit forms in the school's webview on any browser.

Simply click the Forms menu item on the webview to access the forms.

Form link in post notification emails

Together with the introduction of forms in webview, we have included a link to the webview form in post notification emails. If you attach a form when you create a post, the notification email for that post will include a link to the form that will open in webview on any browser.

Cover image added to post emails

Cover images for posts are a great way to build engagement with parents. They allow you to:

  • personalise your messages

  • enhance the content with relevant imagery

  • build a personality for your school communications.

Previously, cover images were only visible in the mobile app. We've now brought them to your message emails so that your parents experience a consistent view of your messages across mediums.

Resolved an issue with incorrectly sized images in emails

Different email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail) show emails in different ways. We identified that some email clients were displaying incorrectly sized images.

We've resolved this problem so that all recipients of your messages are provided with a clean, readable email.

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