We've added a couple of features this month to improve your experience. We've also resolved a number of bugs both in the admin console as well as the mobile app.

Image gallery added to emails and the webview

Posts received by email or viewed in the webview now have a link to the beautiful image gallery which gives your parents and carers access to uploaded images from any device.

Form list filter

It's now a little easier to organise and find your forms with the new Live/Hidden filter. Forms are now organised by status and easily accessible by clicking on one of the filter buttons to switch between statuses.

Mobile App - Badge Icons

A number of issues with badge icons have been resolved. These now show an accurate count of unread messages in the app. This applies both to the badge on the app icon as well as the badge inside the app on the notification menu item.

Mobile app Marking posts as "Read"

It's now much simpler to mark posts as read.

Mark a single post by swiping left in the notifications view and then simply click the button. Alternatively, mark all posts as read at once with a single click on the button at the top of the notifications view. Marking posts as read will update the count in the badge icon.

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