Many new features have been released. These features are versatile and can be used in a number of ways to support your school and your community. Get in contact with us, and we'll help you identify how these can massively benefit your school.

View posts in a web browser

While the SkoolBag app is the easiest and best way for users to read and interact with your school, we know that some users may not have access to the app due to compatibility. The new SkoolBag Web View has been released to help your parents engage with your school in multiple ways, so they don't miss any important messages.

With Web View, All messages sent to All Users groups are visible in the feed, which can be found at your own, unique URL.

Users can click into an individual post to read the whole post and access the file attachments and links. Featuring a language translation option for your non-English speaking parents, accessibility is the focus of this feature!

Your unique address can be found in your school profile (click on your school name at the bottom of the left-hand menu). Here, you'll also find the code required to embed this web view into your existing school website. Use this code to replace your existing web plugin.

Image Gallery

Create more engaging messages by including an image gallery with your posts. Use this feature to share updates about school sports or cultural events, or share in-class photos with the parents.

Photos can be attached when creating a post from the console or when posting from the app.

Collect payments online

Add Payment fields to your forms to allow your parents to select and pay for items directly through the SkoolBag app.

Forms can be designed to collect fees for excursions or P&C collections, place orders for uniforms, canteen food, stationery and more.

Control your app layout

We're starting to introduce features that will give you more control over the layout and design of the SkoolBag app for your parents and carers. In this first release, you can change the ordering of tiles on the general tab of the app.

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