SkoolBag can be embedded into your webpage using the webpage plugin to allow parents to easily access the posts from the school websites too.

Additionally, a webview version of the app is also available. This is a fantastic alternative for parents who do not have access to the app on their mobile phone.

The webview and web plugin code can be found under the Organisation profile page. Follow the below steps to learn how you can access the codes.

Step 1

From the console, click on the organisation name, located in the bottom left-hand corner of the console.

Step 2

From the organisation profile, navigate to the APP WEBVIEW section. Here you will see a link and a code.

App webview

Copy the link located in App webview and share this with parents who may not have access to the app. They can bookmark this link to view the posts via the web browsers.

Note: For the moment, you can only view "everyone" posts in the webview. We are currently working on expanding this.

*Coming soon*

  • Ability to access forms and image galleries through the webview

  • Ability to see posts by groups

Plugin (iframe)

Copy the link in this section and share the link with your website administrator, and ask them to include it in your website code.

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