As an admin, you can also create posts from the SkoolBag app, enabling you to engage with your users on the go and keep them up to date with all the important things going on in real-time.

All posts created from the app will send a notification to the parents mobile app, this will be visible in their newsfeed.

Note: It does not send a copy via email.

Follow the below to learn how to create a post using the SkoolBag app.

Step 1

Firstly, click on the applicable organisation logo. From the organisation home screen, create a new post by selecting on the pencil icon (This is located in the bottom right-hand corner in the app).

Note: You need to be an admin or group manager to see the pencil icon.

Step 2

Follow the template guide to create your content:

  1. Choose a category or group for the post
    This is to select the entry location for the post, you can select from current categories (everyone groups) or open/restricted groups (Please click here to know more about groups).

  2. Set the Title
    Insert a title for the post, making sure the user can easily understand it.

    The post can also be sent with only a title, for example, for an urgent notification like 'All Sports Cancelled Due to Weather', where further content may not be required.

  3. Add more Content (optional)
    Use this section to add more content to your post.

  4. Notify parents via push notification
    Enable this toggle button to send a push notification about the post to the users mobile app. If a push isn’t sent, the parent won’t get a push notification, but they can view the post from their home screen.

  5. Inserting an image gallery
    Navigate to the bottom right of the screen and select to add an image gallery to the post (Please click here to know more about image galleries).

Step 3

Once completed, tap on “Post” on the top right-hand corner of the app to publish the post.

Afterwards, you will get a pop up at the bottom of the screen to preview the published post.

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