Use forms to collect permission and payments. Once a merchant (payment) account with Braintree has been set up and linked in SkoolBag, the payment fields in forms are enabled.

Note: We recommend creating the Braintree account before proceeding in this article. Click here to read more about setting up a Braintree account.

This article outlines:

Types of payment fields

There are four types of payment fields available in the drop-down, under Payment.

Form Field Name


Fixed amount

Use this field in cases where a payment of a fixed amount is required.

As an example, an excursion that costs $24.00 would be a 'fixed' amount that a parent must pay to cover the entire cost of the excursion.

User-entered amount

This field can be used where the parent or user has the flexibility to pay an amount of their choice.

This field is recommended for collecting donations or contribution fees.

Single selection

Single selection allows the user to select an (one) item from the drop-down list with an associated cost.

For example, for an excursion, the user can select:

  • Lunch only - $5.00

  • Lunch and a snack - $7.00

  • BYO - $0.00

Multi selection

This option allows the user to select one or more items from a list (checkbox), which is effective when multiple choices are allowed.

For example, "please pick two sandwiches for lunch":

  • Ham and cheese - $3.00

  • Ham only - $2.50

  • Chicken and lettuce - $4.00

  • Salad only - $3.00

It will then tally up the total cost based on the selections at the end of the form.

How to add a payment field in a form

Form field types are available in the drop-down box, located in the top right-hand corner of a form field:

To add a new field, click on add (the first button located at the bottom of the field) and then use the drop down in the right-hand corner to select the required payment field.

Note: Click on Clone to duplicate the current field.

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