April has been a busy month for SkoolBag. We've got a fantastic list of updates to share with you this month.

Automatically send completed forms to the right person

Ensure that the right person on your staff receives form submissions from parents as soon as they are submitted using conditional notifications. This feature allows you to set a different recipient for each answer a parent may provide.

As an example, create a drop-down list including your class numbers in the options. Then allocate the corresponding class teacher, as a recipient, for each of the options.

When a parent submits the form, it will go directly to the correct class teacher, removing the need for you to read and forward on each submission, saving you time!

Add and remove users to/from a group in bulk.

Easily manage groups submissions for your parents/carers using the new Assign Groups feature. Select your users and add or remove them to/from the desired groups.

Move all your parents from the Year 1 group to the Year 2 group with a few easy steps.

Add an individual user to a group

Support your parents more easily but assisting them with their group subscriptions. Open their individual user profile and add them to the groups they need to subscribe to.

Attach large files to your post

Sometimes your PDF and photo files can be quite large, so we've DOUBLED the file size limit from 10MB to 20MB. This should be suitable for almost any attachment to your post.


Add some flair to your posts with our new, extensive emoji library!

Easier group deletion

We've made it a little easier for you to delete your obsolete groups. Upon deleting a group, you'll receive a pop-up notice to let you know that we will delete and/or archive the content in the group on your behalf, saving you time on completing the action manually.

Jump to your group maintenance page, select your group and hit the delete button.

Duplicate forms

Do you want to recreate an excursion permission slip but don't feel like building it from scratch? Open the existing form, click on the Duplicate button, and SkoolBag will create a copy of the form for you.

Just remember to update the form title!

Form submission audit signature

Form submissions now include an audit signature in the footer of each page. This allows you to confirm the submission date, submitter and tie multi-page responses together for your auditors when the time comes.

Change the access type of a group

You can now change your Open group to a Restricted group from the group maintenance page.

Form contents in your notification email body

This is a feature that we've brought back from our older platform because of the overwhelming demand. You now have the option to include form submission responses directly in the body of the notification emails you received.

You can set this for each form individually. Once set for the form, all submissions for that form will have the details included in the form submission email.

We recommend that you use this feature with caution and only when absolutely needed to provide your community with the highest standards in data protection.

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