Events can appear in two places of the SkoolBag app:

  1. Under the Events section of the bottom menu bar in the app (next to Home), which is a calendar feature

  2. Under the Events tile of the General tab, located on the School, childcare or sports group home page.

When creating an Event in the SkoolBag console, this will create the event in the SkoolBag app calendar (known as the Events button on the app). This allows you to plan your month, term or year in advance as it gives you the ability to choose whether or not an alert should go out to your users.

To have the event feature in the General tab, under the Events tile, create a Post about the event and put the recipient group as "Events"*.

*Please ensure this is an 'everyone'/ 'All Users' group if you would like the post to go to everyone.

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