When creating or editing forms, you will have the option to set the form status.

This is not to be confused with Share with groups.

There are two form statuses in the Console:

  • Live: If a form status is 'live', the form can be seen on the app in a post or via the eForms tab for the set group/s in Share with groups.

  • Hidden: If a form is 'hidden', the form is not accessible on the eForms tab but can be accessed in the post that it is attached to.

Follow the below steps to learn how to change or set the form status:

Step 1

Navigate to the Forms list. From here select the form you would like to change the status for (or click on Create form to create a new form).

Step 2

In the Create a new form or Edit a form screen, navigate to the side panel on the right-hand side. From there, locate the Live and Hidden button.

Step 3

Select the Live button to make the form visible on the app or Hidden to make the form inaccessible via the eForms tab.

From there, click on Save or Update (if editing a form) to save the changes.

Note: If the form is set to Live it will only be visible to the group that the form is shared with. If the form is set to Hidden the form will still be accessible via the Post (if it has been attached to a post).

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