We've been working hard and fast to bring more features to you and we hope that these latest updates are helping your transition over to the new Console. As we work to continue bringing even more features to you, this article highlights the key features we have released over the past month:

You can also take a sneak peek, at what's coming next, on our roadmap here.

Share an event in a post

Events are displayed, to parents and guardians, in the calendar section of the app. To notify parents of an upcoming event, changes to an event or send a reminder, the event can be shared in a post at the time it's created or at any time after that.

Simply click on the Share in a post button on the event page and the details from that event will be copied into a new post for you. This can also be done when creating a new event.

Activate and deactivate forms

We've now introduced more control over whether forms are visible to your parents and guardians in the app or not. The Live / Hidden switch allows you to control this easily.

Manage external linked calendars

Directly manage links to external Outlook and Google calendars yourself. Add multiple calendars to your account and link them to different access groups. For example, your netball coach can link her Google calendar to the netball group and the debate team supervisor can link her Outlook calendar to the debate team group.

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