The new Console has been created to provide you with more control on delivering communications to parents, please read the below FAQ's to get familiar with some of the key changes.


Access the general help centre here.

SportsBag Communicator App

Where can I download the app?

From your phone, navigate to the Apple App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play Store (Android users) and search for “SkoolBag: School Communication” to download the free app.

Is there a flyer we can share with our users?

Yes, click here to download a copy. For a more customised version, please get in contact with our support team!

Users and Groups

Can I search for a user?

Yes. To search for a user, use the search bar by typing their name or email. You can even search for partial information!

How do I see my users by groups?

To see users by groups, navigate to your user list and use the Filter by Group option by typing or selecting the group from the dropdown menu.

What happened to my content categories?

Your content categories are now Everyone (All Users) groups. Users will be placed into these groups by default. When publishing a post, event or form, you will be required to share it with a group. If you use the Everyone group, it will do two things:

  • Send it to everyone (or all users) on the app and/or email.

  • File the notice in one of the content categories (located on the app, under general)

As an example, a Post made to All users (Events) will be sent to everyone and then placed in the Events tile on the app.

How do I create sub-categories?

You cannot create sub-categories in the new console for now. All sub-categories will be changed to an "everyone" group.


What are Posts?

Formerly known as notices, you will now have access to all your posts in one place, rather than in their individual group or content categories.

How do I see Posts by groups?

To see posts by groups, navigate to your Post list and use the Filter by Group option by typing or selecting the group from the dropdown menu.

When I schedule a post, will it still be available on the app straight away?

No. When you schedule a post, the post will be sent out via Email, Push notification or both as well as published at its intended time and date.

Can I save a Post as a draft?

Yes. If you need to step away from a Post (or Event), you can use the Save draft button to save the post and edit it later.


When creating an event, does it automatically get put into the Events tile on the app?

No. When creating an event, it will only place the event on the Event calendar on the app. However, you will have the option to share in a post (make sure to select All Users (Events), upon publishing the event.

Can I sync an external calendar?

Yes. All you require to sync an external calendar is iCal link.


Can I create forms?

Yes. Though some fields are not currently available:

  1. Attach PDF

  2. Attach weblink

  3. Selection with quantity

  4. Payment fields

If you have these fields in your current forms, please remove them or change them to dropdowns. For forms with PDF's or weblinks, in the new console, you will be able to create a post where you can attach the form, weblink and PDF all in one step.

Can the form submission be sent to someone based on a selection?

Yes. If the form contains a Yes/No field or a dropdown field, you can create logic based on the selection a person makes. For example, selecting Class 1A can go to Ms Betty Sue.

Can you have more than two people receiving form submissions?

Yes, there is currently no limit on how many people can receive form submissions.

Why doesn't the form submissions contain personal information in the email body?

We take the protection of your data and that of your community very seriously. The information in a form submission could contain sensitive or personal information, for this reason, the contents of the form submission will not be shared with you in an email as this removes our ability to prevent unauthorised access to this information.

You will still receive a notification email once a form is completed, however, it will contain a unique link that can be shared with others to access the form without needing to log in to the Console.

You can read more about this specific data privacy guideline here, and the complete Australian Privacy Principle Guidelines are available here.

Please note, based on feedback, we are currently working on a feature that will give you the choice to include personal information in the email body at your own discretion.

Product Updates

Will there be more features coming?

Yes, we are working on a roadmap that consists of many different features that we are excited to bring to you! Currently, we are working on:

  • Adding and removing users in bulk

  • Duplicate a from

  • Option to include form submission details in the email body

Please note this is subject to change based on feedback.

More questions?

Please book some time to speak to our CX team using the below button.

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