The SkoolBag events calendar on the app can be linked with an external calendar, this would enable automatic updates to the calendar on the app.

The types of Calendars that can be synced are:

  • Google Calendar

  • Sentral Calendar

  • Edumate Calendar

  • Compass Calendar

To link the external calendar to the app, an iCal web link is required. This link typically starts with "https://" and ends with ".ics". Once you have the link, follow the below steps to link the calendar.

Step 1

In the SkoolBag Console, navigate to Events from the main menu (on the left-hand side).

Step 2

Click on Linked calendars button, located in the top right-hand corner (next to Create event).

Step 3

Click on + Add calendar and a window will pop up:

Insert the following information:

  • Name: Type in the name of the calendar (or what you'd like to call the calendar)

  • URL: Insert the iCal link from the external calendar

  • Access groups: Which groups would you like to see this calendar? All Users (Events) will provide all users with the ability to see the events in this calendar. Learn more about the Groups function here.

Once completed, click Add. The external calendar is now synced to the app.

Note: To delete the calendar, navigate back to Linked Calendars then click on the calendar to be deleted and select Delete (near the bottom right-hand corner).

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