When creating and publishing an event, the event will appear in the Events calendar on the SkoolBag app. This is located under the Events section (calendar icon) located in the menu bar towards the bottom of the app.

This allows you to plan your month, term or year in advance as it gives you the ability to control whether or not a post, notice or alert should go out to your users.

Click here to learn more about creating an Event.

There are two ways to share an event in a post:

Publish an Event and Draft a Post

When publishing an event, a pop-up window will appear which provides you with the option to draft a post to share the event on a newsfeed.

Edit a published Event and Share in a Post

If the event has already been created, you can always navigate back to edit the event and choose to share it in a post from the editing screen.

Top tip: If you have an everyone or All users Events group, make sure you include the "Events (All Users) group" in the Recipient section so it can feature in the Events tile under the general tab.

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