We've been working hard and fast to bring more features to you and we hope that these latest updates are helping your transition over to the new Console. As we work to continue bringing even more features to you, this article highlights the key features we have released over the last month:

Filtering and paging form submissions

Differentiating your processed form submissions form the new ones is now easier to manage! We have introduced a way for you to easily filter through your form submissions list and paging to enhance the load time.

The paging will load a small number of submissions at a time, ensuring a faster load time. Much like your Posts filter, this filter will let you view just the new submissions, without the processed submissions. When you mark a form submission as processed, they'll move out of your main screen and into the processed section.

You can still access these submissions later by simply clicking the Processed filter.

Add a user

You've had the ability to import users from a CSV for a little while now but we understand it can be a little cumbersome when you only need to add one user.

Now, you can just add your new users' details directly into the console and away you go.

Support for recurring events in your external calendar

SkoolBag now supports recurring events that are created in your external Google or Outlook calendar. Just set these up as usual in your calendar and we'll ensure that these are available to your parents and carers every day, week or month.

Note: To allow calendar syncing, please contact the support team via the chat bubble to make a request. You will need access to your iCal link in order to set this up for the first time.

Text editor enhancements

Our inline text edit now makes it a little easier for you to cut, copy and paste your message with these additions to the right-click context menu.

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