Use SkoolBag Newsletter feature to build your web-based newsletter to enable sharing via a mobile-responsive weblink. Sharing your eNewsletter via a weblink enables you to instantly review and update and changes that need to be made, which means that your audience will always have access to the latest version of a newsletter.

This article outlines how you can create a weblink of your SkoolBag Newsletter which can be shared on all channels and kept up to date more easily than a PDF.

Note: this article is for sharing the SkoolBag eNewsletter, to learn how to share a PDF version of the newsletter, please click here.

Getting the link

Follow the below steps to create a weblink of your SkoolBag Newsletter.

Step one

When you're ready to share your eNewsletter, click on Preview & Publish

Step two

On the following page scroll through the preview of the eNewsletter. If there are any changes that need to be done, click on Edit Newsletter on the Primary Toolbar.

When you're ready to share click on Publish Newsletter on the Primary Toolbar.

Step three

On the pop-up box select one of the following options

  • Stay on this Page - This would let you continue to preview the eNewsletter.

  • Publish changes - This would let you continue publishing the eNewsletter.

On the following screen, click on Copy Link.

Afterwards, click on Okay.

This link is ready to be shared across all your channels, and if changes are to be made to the eNewsletter, simply edit your eNewsletter and the changes will update wherever the link has been shared.

Share it in a Post

Step one

Once you have copied the URL, from the main menu, click on Posts. From here, click on Create post. Follow these steps to create the post.

Step two

In the weblink section, paste the URL that you copied in the first step.

Step three

Double-check the Recipient group you're sharing this post with. To share with everyone, select an 'All Users' group. Also, check the title in the round brackets or parentheses, as this will file the post in a tile on the General tab in the app.

As an example, the below section will send the post to 'everyone' or 'all users' and also file itself in the 'School Newsletters' tile.

Once completed, click on Publish on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Once Published, the Newsletter will appear on the SkoolBag app as below:

Top tip: you can use the same link to share the eNewsletter on your school's Facebook page or to your school website.

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