I've forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it via the reset password option found in the login/registration menu.

Step 1

Open your SkoolBag app on your mobile device

Step 2

On the Login page Click on > Forgot password?, which is found below on the Login page.

Step 3

Enter the email address that you want the reset password link to be sent to and select Continue

Step 4

An email will now be sent to the inbox of the email address you selected with a unique code. Enter the code on the app.

Step 5

Add the new password and click on > Set Password

Please note that the password should contain at least;

  • 8 Characters

  • 1 Uppercase

  • 1 Lowercase

  • 1 Digit

Important note: If you are unable to reset the password via the reset password option, contact your school's SkoolBag administrator and they will be able to reset your password.

Updating your password

If you wish to change your password you can do this via the 'Profile Tab' App Tab at the bottom of the app;

Step 1

Open your SkoolBag app on your mobile devise.

Step 2

Select the Profile Tab at the at bottom of the SkoolBag app.

Step three

Select > Change Password

Step four

Enter your current password followed by the new password that you would like to use and click on > Change Password

Step five

If successful you will receive a message confirming that your password has been updated.

If you are still experiencing issues you can submit a support request.

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