The latest update of SkoolBag requires users to register for an account. Your SkoolBag account enables you to keep your SkoolBag information in sync across multiple devices. It also enables you to subscribe to specific groups that your school has set up.

You only need to register once - you can then log in with the same username and password across all of your devices and if you get a new phone.

On registration you will be prompted to confirm the email address before you can proceed to log into the SkoolBag app, If you have not received an email with a confirmation link for your new SkoolBag account, please close the app and restart the registration process.

Key Steps:

Step 1

Reopen the app and continue to Login into the SkoolBag app

Step 2

On the login page Re-Enter your email and password and Click on > Sign In


Step 3

On the “Tell us about yourself” page, add your name and select what best describes you. Click in > Sign Up


Step 4

You will see a popup message “You can log in after you confirm your email’. Click on > OK


Step 5

A new email will be sent to your inbox. Open the confirmation email and click on the confirmation link or copy and paste the link into your browser.

Step 6

On a new web page, you will see the following message confirming your email address.

Important Note: If you do not receive the email to your inbox, the settings of your email account may have diverted the email to your junk or spam folder. Please check these areas of your email account. Example screenshots from Gmail and Outlook are below for an example of where to search.





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