SkoolBag enables you to receive news, alerts, events and updates through to your mobile app. This article provides a brief overview of the key sections of the app.

My Feed


"My feed" is a chronological feed of all the content to which you have subscribed. This includes all posts and events from your school(s), including any subscribed Groups.

Tap any card to see the details of the post.

Or tap your school logo to access your School Profile. Tapping the "Add" icon will also allow you to add or remove additional schools.

School Profile

From here you can access General Content by Category, Groups and eForms (Absentee & Permissions etc.).



The Notifications tab displays all "Push Notifications" from schools and Groups to which you're subscribed. The Notifications bell will show how many ‘unseen’ notifications you have. As soon as you open the notifications screen, this will reset.

Red dots indicate un-read notifications, you can change the read status of notifications via the Tick-icon and 3-dot menu.



Days with events have dots. Click on an event card to see details and add to your personal Calendar.


My Profile

Update your details, log out of your account, access the Help & FAQ page or re-take the Quick Tour.


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