From time to time, a User's personal details may change. In the Console, there are two ways to edit the information.

  1. Through the import tool, click here to learn more; or

  2. Through the Users list in the Console.

Follow the below steps to edit the information through the Users list in the console.

Step 1

Navigate to the Users list and find the user you would like the edit using the search bar (you can use name or email, and partial information) and or the filter by group option (this will help narrow down your search by showing users in a specific group).

Step 2

Click on the user's name and this will take you to their profile page.

Note: you can also delete the user by ticking the check box and clicking on Action and then Delete.

Step 3

From the profile page, the following can be updated:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Access level

  • Group subscriptions

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