Group Managers have the ability to complete the following actions in SkoolBag for the groups that they manage:

  • Manage posts

  • Manage events

  • View forms and submissions in the Console

Group Managers can be assigned to both Open and Restricted groups only. Follow the below to edit the Group Manager field for a group.

Adding a Group Manager

Step 1

Navigate to Groups using the main menu to view the list of groups. From this screen, you can also view the group managers for each group using the column Group managers.

Step 2

Click on the group to edit that group. Alternatively, click on the cogwheel icon under Actions and then Edit a group to edit the group.

Step 3

Navigate to the box labelled Group managers and then click in the box to select a group manager from the drop-down. You can also type in the user's name to narrow the list. Click save to save the changes.

Once the user has been added as a Group Manager, they will receive an email to notify them of their new access.

Note: An admin can not be set as a group manager as they already have access to post to all groups.

Removing a Group Manager

To remove a group manager from a group, repeat steps 1-2 as above. Then, navigate to the box labelled Group managers.

Click on the 'x' icon located next to the user's name to remove them from the group. Click on save for the updated changes to take effect.

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