The features

Simple and easy to use interface allows you to find the tools you need quickly and swiftly. You'll also have the ability to access the SkoolBag Console on a range of devices including tablets.

Posts, your way

See all your communications at a glance with options to manage your posts from start to end, featuring the ability to customise the look and feel. Control the when through our management tools - save as draft, edit and schedule.

Read more about using posts here.

Simplified group communication and management

Send messages easily to groups and manage them with ease using our two new group types.

Read more about using Groups and Post Recipients.

Lightning-fast, highly-reliable push notifications

Trust SkoolBag to deliver your messages to your community in real-time. Our upgraded notification delivery System can handle millions of messages per day, ensuring your audience gets notified when you need them to.

Effortless user management

Easily manage user permissions and access. Read more about User Management here.

Improved email format

The new, clean design highlights your school's branding and content.

See the new format here.

What's coming soon

For more information on booking a training session, please see this article.

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