SkoolBag has two methods of publishing a post. All posts can be published using the following methods:

  1. Email: the user will receive the post by email.

  2. Push notification: the user will receive a notification on their phone via the app.

  3. Both Email and Push notification: the user will receive a notification by email and in the app.

Once you have created your post and you are ready to share it follow the below instructions:

Step 1

On the right-hand side panel, select the recipients you wish to send the post to. The list is populated by group names, you can type to filter the list or select from the dropdown.

Step 2

Set the time and date for the post to be sent. There are two methods for this:

- Option 1: Publish Now
To publish this immediately leave the option on Now and then select the Publish button.

- Option 2: Schedule the post for later
To schedule the post click on Now to open up the calendar and select the desired date and time. Once selected the Publish button will change to Schedule. Select the Schedule button.

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear where you can review the recipients and tick the corresponding checkbox to the desired post method (Email, Push notification, or tick both options for users to be notified by both Email and Push notification.

Step 4

In the same window, review the recipients, notification settings and then select Publish OR Schedule (the button will change depending on whether or not the post is a scheduled post).

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