Images can be used in a post to help make it stand out or provide more context to the reader. There are two ways to include images in a post

  1. Cover image: These appear in the SkoolBag App's newsfeed, helping the post to stand out or provide more context to the reader. Only one image can be selected as a cover image.

  2. Image Gallery: Typically used to provide more information to the reader. The readers will be able to view the images in the gallery. This function allows for multiple images to be added to the post.

Follow the below steps to learn how to add a cover image:

Step 1

Start by creating a new post.

Step 2

In the first section of the editor, select 'Add cover image'. A window will pop up prompting you to select a file. Find and select the relevant file to upload.

Whilst the image is uploading, 'loading' text displays in the cover image section. Once it has been uploaded, the image will appear in this section.

Note: For the best resolution, please use images that have a 3x2 ratio. Image size 600x400px will provide the best results.

To change the image refer to step 3. Otherwise, if the Post is ready to be published, scheduled, or updated click on the button located in the top left-hand corner to finalise the post.

Step 3

To change the image, the original image but first be deleted. To do this, hover over the image and a 'trash can' icon will appear. Click on this icon to remove the image and then repeat Step 2 to add another image.

To share additional images use the Image Gallery to upload additional images and files.

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