Once a post has been published or scheduled, you can still access the post to edit it accordingly.

Follow the below steps to learn how to edit a post.

Step 1

From the home screen, navigate to Posts on the main menu.

Step 2

Find the post you would like to edit. To help find your post easier, you can use the headers of each column to sort your list by:

  • Title

  • Groups

  • Status

  • Last Updated

Step 3

You can edit the post by clicking on the post title or navigate to the Actions column and click on the settings icon that corresponds to the post. Then click on Edit post.

Step 4

This opens the post, which can be edited. Once the post has been edited, click on Update to save the changes.


  • Users can be be re-notified by email or push notification once a change has been published.

  • Any updates made will be reflected in the app immediately, however email content will not get updated. Please create a new post to send a new email alert on the updated changes.

  • Removing any attachments on your posts, will mean these attachments will not be accessible to your users on the app or email.

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