Groups functions as permission groups in SkoolBag. They are useful in managing what a user can access within the SkoolBag app and provides the ability to create targeted content for specific groups of people.

There are three group types:

Open (Targeted Groups)

Also known as Open groups, these groups require users to manually subscribe to the relevant group so that they receive the information that is targeted to them.

New members joining your school can subscribe to these groups by navigating to the Groups tab in the SkoolBag app and then selecting Add / remove groups. Upon selecting this, a list of groups appears allowing them to search for the relevant groups to subscribe to. They can also use this function to unsubscribe from a group.

These groups are typically used for targeted content such as notices related to specific classes, music, sports and other extracurricular activities where the whole school is not required to be informed.


In our legacy platform, these were previously known as Content Groups.

Everyone (All user groups)

Also known as All users groups, these groups do not require any manual management. Users are automatically subscribed to these types of groups when they subscribe to your school, they will not be able to unsubscribe from these groups.

These groups have two purposes:

  1. Use an All users group to post or send communication to all users that are subscribed to your organisation

  2. Any communication sent to an All users group will then appear in the designated tile on the general tab.

As an example, if using All users (Events):

  • The communication will be sent to all users

  • The post will be 'filed' and also appear in the Events tile located under the General tab on the SkoolBag app.


In our legacy platform, these groups were previously known as Content Categories.


These groups function exactly like open groups, for targeted content. However, a user must request to join the group in order to gain access to the content.

Once a user has requested access, a SkoolBag Admin must grant access by approving the request. The request can also be rejected by the SkoolBag Admin.

To learn more about using Groups in Posts, click here.

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