The Post function in SkoolBag enables you to engage with your users on the go, keeping them up to date with all of the important things going on in real-time.

There are a few methods to send a post:

  • Email: the user will receive the post by email.

  • Push notification: the user will receive a notification on their phone via the app.

  • Both Email and Push notification: the user will receive a notification by email and in the app.

Follow the below to learn how to create a post using SkoolBag.

Step 1

From the home screen, create a new post by selecting on the Post icon.

Note: you can also navigate to your list of posts via the left-hand side menu and clicking on Posts.

Step 2

Create your content, following the template guide:

  1. Cover image: Add a cover image to your post, this will appear in the top header section of the post in the app.

    Note: For the best resolution, please use images that have a 3x2 ratio. Image size 600x400px will provide the best results.

  2. Title: Insert a title for the post, making sure it can be easily understood by the user.

    The post can also be sent with only a title, for example for an urgent notification like 'All Sports Cancelled Due to Weather' where further content may not be required.

    If it is a longer message, enter further detail in the content box (3).

  3. Content: Use this section to add more content to your post.
    Click here to learn more about Formatting Options.

  4. Image gallery: Use this to attach multiple images and users will be able to scroll through them on the app

  5. Documents: Include any documents that need to be included in the post by clicking on the Documents tile to open the filer uploader.

    * Accepted file types: PNG, JPEG, PDF, DOC(X), PPT(X), XLS(x) or TXT files.
    * File size limit: 10MB total.

  6. Webpage: This can be used to include both videos or a link to a website/page.

    To include a video:
    a. Upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and copy the link
    b. Click on the 'Webpage' section to expand it and insert the link

    To include links:
    a. Click on the 'Webpage' section to expand it and insert the link

    See the live example below!

Step 3

Use the right-side menu to select the recipients and set the publish date.

  1. Recipients: Use this field to choose who to send it to. The list is populated by group names, you can type to filter the list or select from the dropdown.

  2. Set the Publish date:
    - Option 1: Publish Now
    To publish this immediately leave the option on Now and then select the Publish button. A pop-up window will appear where you can review the recipients and select the post method (Push or Email).

    - Option 2: Schedule the post for later
    To schedule the post click on the calendar icon to open up the calendar and select the desired date and time. Once selected the Publish button will change to Schedule. Click on the Schedule button to review the recipients and select the post method.

    See below to preview the options:

Once completed, another window will pop up to confirm your post.

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