When creating a post, recipients can be selected in the right-hand side panel. This allows you to target the post to a particular audience or all users on the platform.

There are two main types of recipients:

All User Groups
These groups can be used to post to all users. It functions by categorising the post for all users under the General tab in the app. This is accessible by clicking on the school in the SkoolBag app under General.

Examples of All Users Groups include General Information, School Newsletters, School Notices and more.

Targeted Groups (Open and Restricted Groups)
These groups consist of users that are subscribed to a particular group so that they receive the information that is targeted to them. These are typically accessible by clicking on the school in the SkoolBag app, then navigating to Groups and selecting the relevant group.

Users must be subscribed to these groups to receive the content. Examples of Targeted Groups include classroom groups, Staff groups and more.

To select the recipients, follow the below steps:

Step 1

Start by creating a new post. More on how to create a post can be found here.

Step 2

Navigate to the right-hand side panel to set up the recipients. Click into the Recipients field and a list of recipients will appear in a drop-down menu. The list of recipient groups will be listed in order of the group type (All users, Open and Restricted). The groups can be searched by scrolling through the list or by typing out the group name.

Please note that by selecting an All Users group (i.e. School Notices), you will not be able to add additional groups as the post will be sent all users. This eliminates the need to select multiple groups.

To select multiple Open or Restricted groups instead, simply click back into the Recipients field and then select the appropriate groups as required.

Step 3

After reviewing all the details, select Publish or Schedule (this button changes depending on the Publish date).

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